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ROC-A Course & Exam



What is ROC-A? 
Radio License issued by Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada is what you need to legally operate an aviation radio transceiver. 
In this short course you'll learn radio safety, emergency communications, and practice with live aviation radio equipment. 
An Industry Canada examiner will then administer the written examination, and you will have earned an aviation radio license (officially called an ROC-A for Restricted Radio Operator's Certificate - Aeronautics).

Do I have to be a Pilot? 
No. The only eligibility requirement to be issued a ROC-A is to reside in Canada and have the appropriate government issued ID. 
There is no minimum age standard for the ROC-A either, so even elementary school students are eligible. 

What can I do with my ROC-A? 
If you ever want to become a pilot (Glider, Fixed Wing, Helicopter, Hot Air Balloon?) , having an ROC-A is a mandatory step. But even for a non-pilot, the ROC-A is awesome to have and it is yours to keep forever! Next time your buddy brings you on the flight you could be transmitting to the control tower or other aircrafts!

What is in the Course? 
It's a 4-hour course - held either in a single sitting (with breaks) or as two hour sessions. 
The written examination is administered during the last hour by our in-house ROC-A accredited examiner. A passing mark (70%) is required to pass the examination.  

How much does it cost? 

The ROC-A License Couse is $49/ Person.

That includes all required materials for the class and for the examination.

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